September 18, 2008
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New Ecoflex® Potable Plus Offers Simplicity, Protection for Buried Potable-water Systems

Uponor, the global leader in PEX-a systems for radiant floor heating and cooling, plumbing and fire safety, recently introduced Ecoflex® Potable plus — a flexible pre-insulated pipe that offers faster, easier installations and consistent potable water delivery for buried or aboveground potable water systems. Read more...

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Uponor’s new Ecoflex® Potable plus is a pre-insulated pipe that features a self-regulating heating cable to keep buried and aboveground potable water systems from freezing during the winter months.

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Ecoflex Potable plus works with Uponor’s durable ProPEX™ fitting system, which uses the shape memory of Uponor’s PEX-a tubing to form a fast, strong and reliable connection.

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The product features Uponor’s 1¼" AQUAPEX® tubing surrounded by lightweight, closed-cell, PEX-foam insulation encased in a durable, watertight, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) outer jacket, helping to retain heat and guard against moisture contamination. A self-regulating, heat-trace cable, operating at up to 23 watts per meter (7 watts per foot), provides trouble-free, energy-efficient freeze protection, and watertight rubber-end seals protect the ends of both the heat-trace cable and the tubing from moisture penetration.

“This new product offers building professionals an excellent alternative to rigid underground piping systems,” says Mark Hudoba, senior product manager, Heating and Cooling, at Uponor. “Its flexibility makes it ideal for maneuvering around rocks and roots, eliminating extra connections that add time, money and increased liability to installs, and its durability offers both the installer and the end-user unparalleled peace of mind.”

Ecoflex Potable plus works with Uponor’s ProPEX™ fitting system, which uses the shape memory of Uponor’s PEX-a tubing to form a strong, reliable and durable connection. The system also works with Uponor’s WIPEX™ compression fittings as well. Ecoflex Potable plus is available in 100-meter (328-foot) coils or custom-cut lengths, and is freeze resistant to -60°C (-76°F), eliminating frozen water line concerns.

An accessory kit is also available for purchase which includes a 220-volt power connection and end-seal termination unit.


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